Winemaking is challenging. There are innumerable variables that determine whether a wine is destined to be great or to be plonk. Nobody likes plonk, so Exposure is here to ensure that doesn't happen. We can counsel on the broadest of scales, like what style of wine to produce, to the most finite, such as picking the grain tightness from a specific cooperage.  Either way, Exposure can assist you every step of the way from grape to bottle. Exposure offers not just answers, but possibilities from soil through cellar.
a sample of what Exposure can assist you with:
Grape maturity and pick timing
Crushpad operations
Fermentation management
Tannin/phenol management
Yeast selection/indigenous fermentation
Oxygen usage
Fining and stabilization
Lees management
Chemical adjustments
Laboratory analysis
Barrel selection
Bottling operations